A Solstice Soiree December 18th

17 12 2008


Ok, so paganism may not be at the forefront of your mind during this time of year, but fear not, this is not cloaked figures at Stonehenge paganism we’re talking about…we are talking winter solstice which, since ancient times has been a night for revelry: singing, dancing, feasting, and bonfires. Sadly we cannot indulge your desires for fire or dancing-it’s a museum people-but we can certainly satisfy your yen for a little pagan holiday inspired fun.

First up: Music.

There will be Renaissance party music in the courtyard starting at 5:30pm. Yes, you read that right: Renaissance party music. Who knew? If, however, renaissance party music is not your thing, check out the Nadia Washington Quartet as part of the Jazz at the Gardner series; the concert starts at 7pm and requires an After Hours PLUS ticket-check out our link below:


Next up: Feasting.

The Gardner Café will be open during After Hours, serving delicious sweet and savory small plates. Not to be missed is The Poinsettia, a seriously festive cocktail created specifically for this event.

Lastly: That pagan inspired fun I promised.

The Gardner Museum is chock full of Christian imagery, but Mrs. Gardner was never one to say no to a little mischief-so with some digging you’ll find plenty of intriguing pagan-inspired art too. Grab a copy of our self-guided pagan tour to discover images of Hebe, the dispenser of nectar and ambrosia, and the Maenads, followers of Dionysus who were known for their frenzied dancing. Wait – did I say there wouldn’t be dancing…..?

Maggie Moran is the Communications Intern at the Gardner Museum and a big fan of After Hours. She agrees with Mrs. Gardner’s assessment that one should not “spoil a good story by telling the truth,” but would like to assure you that the information contained in this blog post is all completely true.