Do you remember us?

25 06 2009

While Before & After has always reflected the intriguing, unique and general awesome happenings at After Hours, we admit that we don’t always update it. Our bad,  BUT we’ve gone back to the drawing board and we’re coming at you with new-found commitment and resolve, devoted to making this blog a one-stop shop for all things AH related, plus some. That being said, we are happy to announce that After Hours will be continuing through the summer! We aren’t quite sure why we stopped in June last year (something about people being away on vacation?) Anyway, we’ll be here all summer and hope you’ll join us on those nights!

A look at what’s in store:

July 16: “Legends”

Get groovy as Soul Clap spins from the Courtyard all night long–summer-style.

AND, join us for game time with True or False: See how well you know the Gardner, what’s myth, what’s reality? Did Gardner really walk lions down the street?

August 20: “Summer Night”

We’re celebrating summer and our new exhibition Su-Mei Tse: Floating Memories tonight! Courtyard Music, gallery talks on the exhibition, sketching and more.

And, if all of that isn’t enough to entice you, the outside gardens will be open as well (weather dependent). Take your drink outside and chill, Gardner style.

Lilly O’Flaherty is the fabulous After Hours Social Director (um yes, that’s her official job title!) at the Gardner Museum. A quirky brainiac style-maven , Lilly is editor-in-chief of Lux magazine (produced by UMASS Boston) and just started Dearborne – a clothing design studio that explores the psychology and transformative power of fashion. Not sure what to wear to the next After Hours? You can reach her at



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